Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can a Great Sandwich Make a Good Beer?

Being from Western New York, there are a few regional delicacies that are ingrained in your blood: Buffalo style pizza, chicken wings, garbage plates, and who could forget beef on weck sandwiches. For those of you not familiar with beef on weck, it is a hot roast beef sandwich with a kaiser roll. The top of the roll is dipped in au jous and then in a mixture of salt and caraway seeds, and finally topped with horseradish sauce.


Let's be honest, how could I not try to make a beer out of these ingredients. Okay, so I won't actually use beef or salt in the recipe, but I feel that the horseradish and caraway will add some great spicy notes that are not normally featured in beers. Although I am not using beef, it could be nice to have a few cold cuts on hand while serving this beer.

As far as styles goes, this will definitely be 21A - Spiced, Herb or Vegetable beer. I want this beer to be full in body and plenty malty, so I am going to use Munich malt mixed with some two row as a base. I haven't decided if I should add some 60 L Crystal malt to give it a bit of color and a bit more body, or leave it as it is to be reminiscent of the kaiser roll. I haven't yet decided on if I will use hops in this beer or not. If I do, it will be a low alpha acid hop, mainly used for its preservative qualities rather than aroma. I am also still trying to determine which yeast strain would be the best to use. Right now, I am thinking about a Scottish Ale. Target alcohol around 7% since this would be less of a session beer and more of one to just sample.

Over the next week, or week and a half, I will be working on recipe development. Target brew date for this ale will be 1/23/2011. If anyone has any thoughts on this beer, such as hops or yeasts to use, please feel free to offer suggestions.

Primary: American Pale Ale

Secondary: Rye-rish Red Ale

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