Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to a new beginning...

So my brother in law, Jay (Rusty Zymurgy), has moved to Austin with my sister and now I am tasked with creating and maintaining my own brewing blog. I can't guarantee anything but I am going to try to keep this beer-centric - a.k.a. no random filler or going on about a new video game I bought. I'll be posting my recipes, inspirations, and anything that's cool and has to do with beer (specifically anything that has to do with homebrewing). For anyone who followed or is continuing to follow Rusty Zymurgy, it will be very similar.

I'm going to be brewing at least twice a month and I will be posting all of the recipes here. Some will be standard recipes and some will be a bit out there and experimental. If you have Beer Tools and want me to send you the recipe, just ask. I am also going to be detailing the any of my random homebrew adventures, such as yeast cloning, building equipment, and recipe development. As a way to keep some sort of order I will be posting the brew to taste of each beer as its own post. This way there won't be random posts that have to do with the same beer all strewn about.

As far as random things that will be posted up here, I'm in the process of designing my own bottle labels with the help of one of my friends, so some of the process will be on here. I'm not going to be posting every single beer I drink up here but if I have something special, you will definitely hear about it. I also plan on including some information about beer related events around Buffalo as well as any neat beer related tools or miscellaneous items I come across.

I'm always welcome to advice or input, so make you voice heard.

Primary: American Pale Ale

Secondary: Rye-rish Red Ale

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