Thursday, February 3, 2011

5th Annual Art of Beer

Another year, another Art of Beer is upon us.  This time it is being held on Friday, March 4th.  I am looking forward to all of the delicious foods and beers that will be at this event.

Over the past few times I've been able to get a taste of some beers that I typically wouldn't have forked the money over for without trying, one of them being Genesee Bock and another being Ithaca Beer Company's Ground Break.

A few highlights of the participants are:
Flying Bison
Certo Brothers (The distribute EBC, Ommegang, Sam Adams, Southern Tier, and plenty more)
Mr. Goodbar (They always bring two live ales to sample)
Pearl Street
And many more...

Just like last year, the tickets are $25 pre-sale or $30 at the door (although I wouldn't wait since they may sell out).  As always, you can get your tickets at Niagara Tradition Homebrew.

On Deck: Sarsaparilla Ale (2/6)
Primary: Irish Red Ale
Secondary: Beef on Weck Ale
Carbonating: American Pale Ale
Drinking: Rye-rish Red Ale

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