Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beers of the World

Last weekend, Marygrace and I went out to Rochester for a birthday party, this seemed like the perfect time to make a stop at one of my favorite stores, Beers of the World.  It is housed in an old supermarket, so there are literally isles and isles of beer after beer.

On the most recent trip, I was sent out to pick up some ACME IPA and Augustiner Edelstoff.  (For Edelstoff, the export beer, the story goes that it won so many gold medals that they decided to make the label all gold.)  While I was there, I had to pick up a few bottles for myself.  Those ended up being the Widmer Brothers Brother's Reserve #2 - Prickly Pear Braggot, Arcadia Ales Sky High Rye, and Breckenridge Agave Wheat.

I haven't gotten around to trying the Prickly Pear Braggot as of yet, since I have been saving it for a special occasion, but I have greatly enjoyed the other two brews.  The Sky High Rye is an excellent Rye Pale Ale.  It is light in color with a fair amount of bitterness and with the typical rye spice that would be expected.  It was all I was hoping for out of this beer, nothing spectacular, but a great overall beer.

The Agave Wheat was also quite a treat.  One of my favorite parts about drinking a Weizen is being able to swirl the last bits of beer with the yeast and pour out the cloudy goodness.  This beer does not disappoint on that level.  The Agave is extremely present in both aroma and flavor. Hops however are not too noticable and I would have to imagine that an American wheat yeast was used since there are no strong clove or banana flavors present.

It was a great trip.  I cant want till the next one...whenever that may be...

By the way, Jay recommended that I add the Android Brewster App, where you can add the beers that you are drinking, rate them on a simple scale of 1-5 and share them with your friends.  I did, so friend me if you feel like sharing what you are drinking: aaron.piskorowski (at)

On Deck: Belgian Blonde (2/20), Chocolate Chipotle Rauchbier (2/27)
Primary: Elder Ale, Sarsaparilla Ale
Secondary: Irish Red Ale
Conditioning: Beef on Weck Ale

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