Sunday, February 6, 2011

Belgian Blonde

It was another brew day today, so I only have my Elder beer to brew before I have nothing left in the queue.  This left me in quite the predicament, so I will have to add another beer to the brew calendar.  I decided to let Marygrace choose it.  She wanted to go with a Belgian Blonde Ale, similar to a Leffe, and I must say, I wasn't too enthused about this beer since the last Blonde that Jay and I attempted was infected.  But I have to keep forging on ahead an have to leave those bad beers behind me.

I am going to do this beer completely in style per BJCP, although eventually I may have to branch out from this standard and include some orange zest and possibly some pink peppercorns to give it a little bit more of a spicy note yet fruity at the same time.

For this one though, I will be using a Belgian Pilsner malt and extra light malt extract as my base.  I will be using honey malt to give it a slight honey flavor and to add some color, and I will be using candied Belgian sugar in order to boost the initial gravity.  For hops, I will be using Hallertau for bittering and I will be trying to get a hold of some Spalt for aroma.  And finally, for yeast I think I will be going with a French Saison yeast.  It should impart some spicy and fruity notes that should compliment the beer nicely.  The target brew date for this beer will be 2/20.

On Deck: Elder Ale (2/13), Belgian Blonde (2/20)
Primary: Irish Red Ale, Sarsaparilla Ale
Secondary: Beef on Weck Ale

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