Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homebrewing in Buffalo

Not too many things going on the homebrew from right now.  I am mainly biding my time until I get to brew beer one in my three beer Cinco De Mayo series, my Chocolate Chipotle Rauchbier, on Sunday.  I tried the Elder Ale last night as I was putting it into secondary, and I cannot wait until this beer is ready to drink.  It is almost more like a wine than a beer.  I am excited to see how the flavors round out over time and how it tastes slightly chilled and carbonated.  I cannot rememer the last time I was this stoked about a homebrew, probably the Barley Wine.

The Buffalo News posted this homebrewing article the other day.  Its definately worth the read, although I wish it would go into a bit more detail about the growth of homebrewing in the area.  The big thing that it mentioned was that this year for the Amber Waves of Grain competion there are over 400 enteries from over 100 people.  Even if I don't have much luck this Friday and Saturday, at least I will have some great feedback from the judges.

The Sultans of Swig were also mentioned in the article.  Jay and I went to a meeting last year, and they seemed like a great group of people that I could learn alot from, but then summer crept up on us and the rest is history, and now that the meetings are in Hamburg, I'm not sure if they will be in my future.  Perhaps I will have to look into the Niagara Association of Homebrewers.  If anyone in the Buffalo area has any interest in attending either of the meetings with me, let me know.

On Deck: Chocolate Chipotle Rauchbier (2/28), Chili Lime Pilsner (3/6)
Primary: Belgian Blonde
Secondary: Elder Ale
Conditioning: Irish Red Ale
Volume brewed in 2011: 23 Gallons

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